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Terms and Definitions:

British thermal unit (Btu) - The amount of heat required 1) to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water 1 degree Fahrenheit or 2) to raise the temperature of 1 cubic foot of air 55 degrees Fahrenheit or 3) to raise the temperature of 55 cubic feet of air 1 degree Fahrenheit.

Btu Factor - The heat within natural gas. This factor, which is determined by the supplier, changes daily and is a measurement of gas quality. This number is printed on the customer's bill each month.

Cubic feet (cf) - A measurement used for volume or capacity at sea level and 60 degrees.

Efficiency rating - The percentage of effective or useful energy output from the total energy input.

MMBtu - 1 MMBtu is equal to 1,000,000 Btu's or 10 therms.

Kilowatt hour (kwh) - The energy equivalent of 3,412 Btu's of power used in one hour or one thousand watts of power being used in one hour.

Rick - A measurement used for a stack of wood, hay or straw.

Therm - The equivalent of 100,000 Btu's or 95 cubic feet of natural gas.


Natural Gas Space Heating

Nothing compares to the flexibility, savings and security you'll enjoy with natural gas space heaters. The newly designed, portable space heaters of today give you the warmth of natural gas, when and where you need it, even if the electricity goes out. All without the expense of having to heat your entire home. A variety of styles are available with a wide range of heating capacities, from 10,000 to 30,000 BTUs in vent-free models and up to 40,000 BTUs in vented models.

Natural gas space heaters are designed to keep the room tempature "just right" by producing radiant and convective heat that's controlled with a thermostat. In addition to giving radiant heat, some of the newest models create a natural convection current to circulate warm air into the room while the unit itself remains cool. Natural gas space heaters are easy to operate - the pilot ignites with the push of a button.

There's a styles of natural gas space heater that's perfect for your unique needs.

Vent-free Natural Gas Heaters

  • Do not have to be vented to the outside
  • Can be easily installed, with little expense
  • Are available in a number of sizes
  • Don't require electricity to operate
  • Have an automatic shutoff safety feature - an Oxygen Depletion Sensor - to detect low oxygen levels and shut off the heater automatically.

Radiant Vent-free Natural Gas Heaters

  • Radiate warm air for quick, thorough heating of the entire room.

Infrared Vent-free Natural Gas Heaters

  • Heat the room by warming actual objects throughout the room.

Natural gas space heaters allow you to save in a number of ways because...
You can turn your thermostat down and heat only the rooms you use most
Vent-free heaters are virtually 100% fuel efficient since they don't require outside venting so no heat is wasted
Natural gas heats an area for less than half the cost of electricity, and is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel available.
Natural gas space heaters are built to last, with fewer working parts that can fail or need replacing and a natural gas flame that does all the work.

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Natural Gas Logs & Fireplaces

With natural gas logs and fireplaces, you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of a fire, even in rooms where there is no chimney, and even when the electricity goes out! There's no wood to buy, cut or haul and there's no messy ashes to clean up. Natural gas logs heat your home more economically and efficiently than wood-burning fireplaces. Clean-burning natural gas logs eliminate the smoke of wood and are environmentally friendly. They are built of high quality materials and will provide many years of warmth and beauty for you and your family to enjoy.

Natural gas could very well be the solution to the perfect fireplace. You get all the warmth and charm of a glowing fire, even when the electricity goes out, without hauling wood or cleaning up ashes. Choose natural gas logs or an entire natural gas fireplace unit, whatever suits your lifestyle.

Vented Natural Gas Logs...

Vented natural gas logs are designed for use in a traditional fireplace that is vented with a chimney. These logs look like traditional wood logs, mounted on a metal rack to resemble a stack of flaming wood. You can enjoy adjustable flame heights and the comfort of a warm fire all at the flip of a switch or the click of a remote control.

Vent-free natural gas logs...
These logs are designed for use in a fireplace that is not vented and are the perfect solution for existing homes where the construction of a new fireplace may be cost-prohibitive or not possible.

Vent-free logs are equipped with an Oxygen Depletion Sensor, a safety feature that shuts down the unit automatically if there is not sufficient oxygen in the room. These logs provide a wonderful secondary heat-source and can be used even when electrical power is out. Vent-free logs are up to 99.9% energy-efficient.

Vent-free Fireplaces

  • Complete unit with the look of a wood-burning fireplace and convenience of natural gas logs
  • No venting or chimney is required, so it's easy and inexpensive to install in just about any room
  • Wide range of styles and sizes
  • Can be enclosed in a cabinet or built into you home like a conventional fireplace.

Direct-vent Fireplaces

  • Complete unit that looks like a conventional fireplace, but offers natural gas log convenience
  • Vented through top or back of unit
  • Optional blower feature can be added to distribute warm air throughout the room.

Fireplace Inserts

  • Complete units that fit into existing fireplaces and contain a closed combustion chamber with natural gas logs
  • Can utilize a direct vent to the outside or an existing chimney if a fire-resistant or high-temperature flue liner is installed
  • Improve the efficiency of your existing masonry or factory-built metal fireplace when a fan is added for air distribution.

Natural Gas Log Lighters

  • Produce a natural wood fire in minutes with the help of a natural gas starter.

Optional Features
Depending on the model you choose, natural gas logs and fireplaces offer:

  • Wall thermostat controls
  • Push bottom-controlled heat
  • Operation by hand-held remote
  • Instant on-off control.
  • Today's ceramic natural gas logs look more like real wood, use less energy, and provide more warmth and comfort than logs made from concrete or clay.

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Natural Gas Water Heaters

Today's natural gas water heaters are the most efficient models on the market. Compared to electric water heaters, they're less expensive to operate, they heat water faster, and they provide hot water even when the electricity goes out. They're more durable, since the flame does all the work and there are fewer parts to fail or wear out. And, they come in a variety of sizes so you can select one to best meet your needs.

Natural gas water heaters are built to last. The flame does all the work, so there are fewer parts to wear out - no electric elements, no wiring, and no fuses that can fail or need replacement.

The most common type of water heater holds heated water in a tank at a constant temperature, producing up to 2 times more hot water than an electric model in the same amount of time.

Tankless Water Heating System

  • Heats water on demand without a storage tank
  • Has a natural gas burner that ignites and heats water instantaneously when the hot water tap is turned on
  • Needs only half the space of a conventional water storage tank
  • Cuts energy costs by as much as 50%
  • Comes in a smaller size that is ideal for vacation homes or homes with one or two occupants.

Hydro Heat System

Provides constant supply of hot water and heats the home with warm air. A thermostat-controlled pump sends hot water from the water heater through a coil in the heating system. A fan blows air over the heated coil, distributing warm air throughout the home. For more information about Hydro Heating Systems, visit our Heating & Cooling Systems Department.

Where to Purchase:

Tankless water heater from

Water heater from

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Natural Gas Ranges & Cooktops

Nothing compares with natural gas for cooking. There's a wide selection of natural gas cooktops, ovens and ranges with all kinds of special features for cooking convenience. And, you can cook even when the electricity goes out, since you can light the cooktop burners with a match if needed. Consider all the benefits and it's no wonder most professional American chefs prefer natural gas.

Whether you need a cooktop or range, there's a natural gas unit to fit perfectly with your kitchen plan. Free-standing ranges come in a variety of sizes, including apartment-size, and offer a variety of options including combination oven/broiler, cooking surfaces with four to six burners, and the ability to convert burners to a griddle, grill or work surface. These options are also available in the slide-in ranges. Slide-in ranges are available in several widths. In addition to free-standing ranges and slide-in ranges, natural gas cooking is also availble in:

Combination Cooktop and two ovens...
Maximize kitchen options with a cooktop with one oven above and one below. Both ovens can be natural gas, or, the upper oven can be a microwave. This combinations gives a built-in appearance without major remodeling when used in place of a conventional freestanding range.

Drop-in range...
A permanently installed range fits flush with the kitchen cabinets and consists of surface burners, oven, and broiler, supported by a special base cabinet. A drop-in range takes about the same space as a freestanding 30-inch range.

Cooktops and wall ovens...
Separate cooktop and wall oven units can be installed where they will best fit into your kitchen design. The surface units and ovens vary in width and depth, according to your needs.

Down-draft and self-venting cooktops and ranges...
Special venting - such as a vent on the cooking surface behind the burners - pulls steam, smoke and cooking odors down and out of the kitchen through hidden ductwork under the floor instead of upward through an overhead vent. This style allows more flexibility in kitchen design, like having a cooktop or range in a center island with hidden venting.

Self-cleaning ovens...
Oven cleaning takes place in a separate cycle at high temperature. Extra insulation makes these models more energy efficient and keeps the kitchen cooler while baking and broiling. Each cleaning cycle costs only about 25 cents - much less than a can of oven cleaner and is available in freestanding, drop-in, built-in and slide-in oven models.

Several burner styles to choose from...

  • A cluster grouping of burners with no work space
  • A divided top with burners on either side and a work space in the middle
  • Many styles have a grill or griddle in the space between burners.
  • A removable cover allows for more work space.

Superior natural gas features mean superior results!

  • Maximum heat in an instant
  • Instant cool-down - cooking stops the instant you turn off the natural gas flame, unlike an electric element that keeps cooking as it cools down.
  • Precise temperature control
  • Greater cooktop flexibility, since the adjustable flame makes every burner suitable for any pan size and any type of cooking that is being done
  • Faster, more even cooking with the open flame
  • Easy clean-up, since all grates, knobs and burners are dishwasher safe
  • Optional sealed-surface cooktops for easy cleaning
  • Clean, smoke-free broiling
  • Pilotless ignition
  • Automatic igniters instead of standing pilots for higher efficiency
  • Cooktop burners that can be lit with a match, so you can cook even when electricity goes out.

Cooking with natural gas is more economical - in fact, it costs about half as much as cooking with electricity. You'll enjoy long-term saving built in to natural gas cooking appliances, such as extra insulation which makes self-cleaning ovens more energy efficient andpilotless ignition systems that uses 40 percent less natural gas for cooking than older models with standing pilots. And, natural gas cooktops and grates are built to last, with fewer parts to fail than electric appliances.

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Natural Gas Dryers and Matching Washers

It's simple to see the advantages of drying clothes with a natural gas dryer. Load after load, you'll spend less on your laundry since a natural gas dryer dries more clothes, more thoroughly in the same amount of time as an electric dryer. There's no safer, more dependable, or more economical dryer for your home than a clean, efficient natural gas dryer.

Clothes are softer and fluffier with natural gas dryers due to better temperature control and moisture from the natural gas flame. And, they dryer faster with natural gas, so you can finish your laundry more quickly.

You'll recover the slightly higher purchase price and installation cost of a natural gas dryer because of lower operating costs. You can save up to $50/year in energy costs using natural gas instead of electricity. A natural gas dryer will dry twice as many loads as an electric dryer for the same cost. Pilotless ignition creates greater energy efficiency since the pilot doesn't burn constantly, but only lights when the dryer is in use. Over a lifetime of use, those savings really add up.

Natural gas dryers come in a wide range of models, allowing you to choose the performance features and styling that best suit your drying needs.

Natural Gas Dryer Features & Options

Control Panels

  • Are designed for easy reading and operation
  • Come in a variety of styles, from a single-timer dial to solid-state touch controls.

Timed-Drying System

  • Lets you specify the amount of time the dryer will operate with each load
  • Stops the dryer after a brief cool-down period at the end of the specified drying time.

Automatic Temperature-Sensing System

  • Lets you select a desired temperature setting for each load
  • Has a thermostat that measures - or senses - the air temperature as it leave the dryer drum during operation
  • Helps prevent overheating and wasting energy.

Automatic-Control Moisture-Sensing System

  • Lets you select the dryness level you want for each load
  • Has electronic sensor in the drum that constantly monitor - or "feel" - the moisture level in clothes as they tumble dry
  • Stops the dryer when the load reaches the correct dryness
  • Gives the most accurate drying results of any system.

Automatic Cool Down

  • A feature that tumbles the load at room temperature for five to ten minutes at the end of each drying cycle. This cools fabrics and reduces wrinkling of no-iron fabrics.

Dryer Doors

  • Are available opening on the right, left or downward
  • Some open 180 degrees so you can install your washer on either side of the dryer.

Pilotless Ignition

  • Means there's no pilot to blow out.

Styling and Colors very with each manufacturer. In general, natural gas dryers offer three drum capacities: compact, regular/large, and extra large.

Some brands now offer special features for visually impaired people, with larger-sized graphics controls, knobs and push buttons for easier use and instruction kits in Braille or audio-cassette formats.

Like other natural gas appliances, the flame does the work of heating in natural gas dryers. So, there are fewer parts to break down. A natural gas dryer lasts an average of 13 years.


Natural Gas Back-up Generators

During the last year, and in particular during the current storm season, there has been an increase in residential and commercial usage of natural gas generators. If you are planning to purchase a natural gas generator, please call us for guidelines concerning gas supply requirements of your new generator so that we can furnish the proper size meter and regulator. We can also offer advice on customer pipe sizing if necessary.

You don't have to lose all the comforts of home just because the electricity goes out. A standby natural gas generator keeps your lights and appliances up and running as long as the electricity failure lasts. Fully automatic, dependable and economical, natural gas generators give you a powerful advantage.

Permanent natural gas generators start automatically when there is an interruption to your electric service. Residential generators have many of the same automatic features as generators in hospitals or critical care facilities and operate as long as the electricity is out.

Natural gas generators are permanently installed and do not require storage of potentially dangerous fuels, such as gasoline. They have built-in safety shutdown features, to protect against engine damage from low oil pressure or overheating. Most generators feature factory-installed weatherproof housing for safety and quiet operation.

Even if you're not at home or if you are asleep, when the electricity goes out, your home is automatically secure and your appliances are running as they should. Heating and air conditioning systems, refrigerators, security systems, lights, computers, and electronic entertainment equipment - your natural gas generator will keep them all up and running as long as the electricity is out.

And if you or someone in your family have health problems that require special equipment, a natural gas generator gives you the same security during an electrical outage as systems used in hospitals or critical care facilities.

Natural gas generators are fueled by an underground fuel line connected to your existing natural gas service line.

Generators operate on one of the cleanest, most economical fuels available today. You generator is fueled by an underground fuel line connected to your existing natural gas service line. You can avoid costly losses such as food spoilage in refrigerators and freezers and maintain your family's safety and comfort by installing an efficient natural gas back-up generator. Natural gas generators are built with heavy-duty industrial-design engines for a lifetime of dependable service.

Sales and Service for Natural Gas Generators:

  • Valure Electrical & A/C, Inc.      (BRYANT)
    Owner: Louis Valure, Jr.
    Ph. 985-851-7860
  • A & G Refrigeration Inc.     (CARRIER)
    Owner: Gerald Richard
    Ph. 985-446-6256
  • M & L Engine      (ENERGY PAC)
    Sales Reps: Mike Barrett, Jason Benoit
    Ph. 985-857-8000
  • Kief Hardware - Elite Dealer     (GENERAC)
    Owner: Dan Cabirac
    Ph. 985-632-2166
    Sales: Jack Millican
    Ph. 225-202-0192
  • Chad's Generator Service, LLC (GENERAC)
    Owner: Chad Ordoyne
    Ph. 985-637-9834
  • Daigle Services Inc. (GENERAC)
    Owner: Jay Daigle
    Ph. 985-369-7725
  • Doug's Refrigeration (HONEYWELL)
    V.P./General Manager: Jeff Tauzin
    Ph. 985-633-2384
  • Advanced Ac & Refrigeration     (HONEYWELL)
    Owner: Richard Blanchard
    Ph. 985-594-4339
  • Comeaux Plumbing     (GENERAC)
    Owner: Norris Comeaux, Jr.
    Ph. 985-537-5698

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