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Terms and Definitions:

British thermal unit (Btu) - The amount of heat required 1) to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water 1 degree Fahrenheit or 2) to raise the temperature of 1 cubic foot of air 55 degrees Fahrenheit or 3) to raise the temperature of 55 cubic feet of air 1 degree Fahrenheit.

Btu Factor - The heat within natural gas. This factor, which is determined by the supplier, changes daily and is a measurement of gas quality. This number is printed on the customer's bill each month.

Cubic feet (cf) - A measurement used for volume or capacity at sea level and 60 degrees.

Efficiency rating - The percentage of effective or useful energy output from the total energy input.

MMBtu - 1 MMBtu is equal to 1,000,000 Btu's or 10 therms.

Kilowatt hour (kwh) - The energy equivalent of 3,412 Btu's of power used in one hour or one thousand watts of power being used in one hour.

Rick - A measurement used for a stack of wood, hay or straw.

Therm - The equivalent of 100,000 Btu's or 95 cubic feet of natural gas.


Natural Gas Grills

For outdoor grilling, nothing gives you more savory flavor with less effort than a natural gas grill. Clean, dependable, fast and easy to use, natural gas gives you all the pleasure of cooking outdoors without messy preparation or clean-up.

Natural gas grills make cooking out year-round simple. Turn on the dial to cook, and turn it off when you're through. There's no charcoal to heat up or clean up. No propane tank to refill. Gas grills cook fast, are dependable in any weather, and require less set-up and clean-up, so you can cook out even when the weather keeps you indoors.

There's a natural gas grill for virtually every budget, need and desire. With dozens of styles and features, finding the right grill for your backyard cooking is simple. Almost every grill line offered allows for a variety of installations:

  • Permanent patio base
  • Grill cart - a grill that's built into a cart on wheels
  • Built-in models for custom outdoor kitchens
  • Dual grill mount - a grill with two separate grilling surfaces.

A sampling of features & options:

  • Self-cleaning porcelain briquettes that warm up fast, virtually eliminating hot and cold spots and flare-ups
  • Heavy-duty porcelain and/or cast-stainless steel cooking grids for easy cleaning and a longer life
  • Corrosion- and rust-resistant finishes
  • Drop-in porcelain and swing-away stainless warming racks, which are easy to remove for rotisserie use, have non-stick finishes and are easy to clean.

6000 Gas Grill Burner from
Natural gas grills use the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, it's smoke-free, and it doesn't produce sulfur dioxide, a major contributor to acid rain. And, natural gas grills are inexpensive to operate, with natural gas costing -- even less than propane.

Natural Gas Patio Heating

Enjoy your patio more months out of the year with economical, convenient, and dependable natural gas patio heaters.

Natural Gas Patio Heaters & Chimeneas:

  • Can be used even in totally exposed outdoor areas
  • Are available in portable, freestanding, hanging, wall-mounted, or permanently installed upright models
  • Come with instant spark or electronic ignition
  • Provide warmth for up to a 20-foot circular area
  • Are available with a 100% safety shutoff control valve
  • Can warm as large an area needed by using multiple heaters.

Like all natural gas appliances, natural gas patio and swimming pool heaters are built to last, giving you years of outdoor enjoyment and comfort.


Patio Heater & Light from

Natural Gas Pool & Spa Heating

Enjoy your swimming pool more months out of the year with economical, convenient, and dependable natural gas swimming pool heaters.

Water temperatures in a spa or pool stay consistent and comfortable when warmed by natural gas.

With a natural gas spa heater, it takes minutes instead of hours to reach the right water temperature. A natural gas spa or pool heater gives you more usable days at a low cost. Accurate temperature control prevent over-heating and wasted energy for pools and spas. The high average energy efficiency of natural gas pool and spa heaters means lower fuel costs.

Natural Gas Pool & Spa Heaters:

  • Are available to heat any size pool or spa
  • Have accurate controls that keep water within 10 degrees F of the set temperature.

Like all natural gas appliances, natural gas swimming pool heaters are built to last, giving you years of outdoor enjoyment and comfort.

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Natural Gas Lighting

Use outdoor natural gas lighting anywhere you want decorative lighting or lighting for extra security. You'll have the warm, soft glow of a natural gas lamp even if the electricity goes out. Use outdoor natural gas lighting anywhere you want decorative lighting or lighting for extra security.

Choose from a variety of styles and features:

  • Traditional to modern styles
  • Brass, copper, cast aluminum, polished or dull finishes, in various colors
  • Automatic dimmers for lower operating costs
  • Selection varies according to manufacturer.

Wall-Mounted Models attach directly to an outside wall and comes in your choice of 1 to 4 burners, depending on the size of the lantern and the amount of light you desire.

Post-Mounted models feature a sturdy freestanding post which can be located in virtually any outdoor location you choose and comes in your choice of 1 to 4 burners, depending on the size of the lantern and the amount of light you desire.


There's no need to worry about coming home to a dark house or stumbling in the dark around your patio or walkways – your natural gas lamp provides light as soon as it’s dark.

Natural gas lighting has a soft warm glow that produces as much light as a 100-watt electric bulb without the harsh glare or shadows of electric lights.

Natural gas lights never attract insects and continues providing light even when the power goes out – keeping your home well-lit and secure.

Dependable natural gas lighting is extremely cost efficient, especially with automatic dimmers that minimize fuel use by reducing consumption during daylight hours. Natural gas lights are built to be weatherproof and sturdy enough to last for years.

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Natural Gas Specialty Products

Natural gas technology has opened the door to innovative new products to help you get the most out of life. Quickly becoming the most popular outdoor amenity available are outdoor fireplaces. From western-style camp fires to elegant marble and stucco pedestal fireplaces to the amazingly beautiful combination of fire and water created by the award-winning “Ring of Fire,” natural gas helps make the most of outdoor entertaining.

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Natural Gas Heating & Cooling

The advantages of natural gas heat over electric are simple. With natural gas, you can select the type and size of system that best suits your needs. You can stay warmer while spending less. And, you can rest assured you're using the cleanest burning fossil fuel available.

Air from a natural gas furnace is up to 35 degrees warmer than air from an electric heat pump. So your family feels warmer faster. If you invest in an electric heat pump, you will need a secondary heating system whenever the temperature drops below the 35-40-degree range. Natural gas furnaces are reliable even in the coldest weather.

There are several choices of natural gas heating systems to meet the needs of your family and home:

Forced-air Furnace

  • The most widely used, basic natural gas furnace
  • Manually controlled thermostat
  • Turns on automatically as needed to keep home temperature at preset thermostat temperature
  • Available in High-Efficiency (AFUE 90% or greater) or Standard Efficiency (AFUE 78% to 89%) models.
  • Less heat loss and increased operating efficiency. Efficiency ratings of 78% to 89% (Standard) and 90% or greater (High-Efficiency) mean lower long-term operating costs.

Two-stage Furnace

  • Operates at low speed during mild temperatures, but kicks in and operates at full capacity when temperatures drop. This ensures a constant, comfortable temperature and maximum operating efficiency.
  • Electronic monitoring systems on two-stage furnaces and high-efficiency systems maintain your home's temperature within one degree of the thermostat setting. So, there's less of a hot or cold temperature swing. This furnace uses less fuel by operating at low speed during mild temperatures and at higher speeds only when temperatures drop.

Hydro-Heat System
A quiet, efficient system that utilizes a natural gas water heater to heat the home with warm air. A thermostat-controlled pump sends hot water from the water heater through a coil in the heating system. A fan blows air over the heated coil, distributing warm air throughout your home.

Natural Gas Heating & Cooling System

  • Heats and cools your home with natural gas.
  • Thermostats controlled by microprocessors for precise temperature control
  • Variable-speed operation
  • Fully programmable 7-day thermostat that operates on "cruise control" to constantly keep you comfortable.
  • Operates at reduced speeds 80% of the time so it's quieter and more efficient.
  • Can cost up to 50% less to operate than conventional heating and cooling systems.

Natural Gas Packaged System

  • Is installed outside the home when space is limited inside
  • Offers same features and comfort as a standard forced-air furnace and air conditioner.

Natural gas heating systems are built to last. The average life of a natural gas heating system is typically longer than the average life of an electric heat pump. Year after year, you can depend on the comfort and efficiency of natural gas heat.

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